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Teaching The Falcons To Fly

Hardy & Greys Ltd teams up with Newcastle Falcons Rugby Players to give fly fishing tuition...

Date: 17 August 2008

Expert fishing tackle manufacturer, Hardy & Greys Ltd teamed up with Newcastle Falcons Rugby Players last week to give fly fishing tuition in a competition held at Sweethope Lough.

Nine Hardy experts and rugby stars including fishing team captain, Jamie Noon and a host of international players; Carl Hayman, Mark Sorrenson, Russell Winter, Andy Long, Tom Dillon, Jonny Golding and  Jason Oakes held the loch style catch and release boat pairs event to promote and encourage more people into angling.

Fishing experts from Hardy & Greys Ltd included Current World Team Member and Game Product Manager, Howard Croston, World Youth Medallist, Scott Nellins, and Former England International Angler, Chris Guthrie.

Greys G-Tec Outfits and an assortment of 15 loch style fishing flies were given to each angler to ensure a fair competition.
Hardy & Greys Ltd Game Product Manager, Alastair Dandie and former Falcons 2nd row player, Jason Oakes were the winners of the day catching the most fish. Andy Long took the prize for ‘Most Improved Angler’ and the ‘Highlight of the Day’ award went to Tight Head Prop and New Zealand International, Carl Hayman for hooking himself more times than fish.

Carl Hayman said: “It has been a long time since I have had a fly rod in my hands and even then my experience in fly fishing was very limited.  I very much enjoyed the day out with Hardy's. To learn about a few of the ins and outs of fly fishing and basic fishing techniques from true Hardy experts was very helpful and made for a very enjoyable day on the water.
On the humorous side, it was handy to have my Hardy expert, Chris there for the times I hooked myself on the back of my collar.”

The event follows the release of 2,000 brown Trout into Sweethope Loch last month as part of a conservation effort by the fishery which Hardy & Greys Ltd were pleased to support and be part of.

Richard Sanderson, Managing director of Hardy & Greys Ltd said: “We are delighted to be able to support both Sweethope’s conservation efforts and encourage more people into angling.
We are lucky here at Hardy’s to have some of the most talented anglers in the industry and it is great they are willing to show others how it’s done. It is also great that the Falcons are keen to try fly fishing – it is a far cry from the rough and tumble of the rugby pitch.”



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