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Draycote Water Trout Form

Latest catch news and fly advice from Rugby's Draycote Reservoir...

Author: Fishery Release
Date: 01 June 2009

Week Ending - Saturday 30th May 2009

This Week :
Browns : 9
Weight : 66lbs 8ozs
Av Weight : 7lbs 5ozs
Largest : 10lbs 2ozs
Rainbows : 1138
Weight : 3076lbs 1ozs
Av Weight : 2lbs 11ozs
Largest : 13lbs 00ozs
No of Visits : 407
Total Catch : 1147
Av Catch per Angler Visit : 2.8

This Season :
Largest Brown : 11lbs 2ozs
Largest Rainbow : 13lbs 12ozs
No of Visits : 4002
Total Catch : 12886
Av Weight : 2lbs 8ozs
Av Catch per Angler Visit : 3.22
Comments :
Sharnford boat Ace does it again ! Mr Bob Wallinger has taken three eight fish limits this week. One at 29lbs 12ozs, one at 33lbs 7ozs and just for good measure he set another season record weight with his third at 41lbs 1ozs. Bob said it was the best days fishing he could remember. The water was clear, the fish were chasing the fly, weather was fine and he put back lots of fish including browns over six pounds.

Other good bags include 31lbs 8ozs to Mr Rod Wilson of Leicester, 27lbs 4ozs to Mr Alan Tyler of Bedworth, 25lbs 6ozs to his brother Andy, 26lbs 00ozs to Mr Vic Hetherington of Cropredy, Near Banbury, 26lbs 00ozs to Mr Bernard Lewis, 25lbs 00ozs to Mr Eddie Jones, 25lbs 12ozs including a brown of 10lbs 12ozs to Mr James Moore of Great Ayton, 25lbs 10ozs to Mr D Holmes including a brown of 7lbs 2ozs, 26lbs 00ozs to Mr Jim Dempsey, 25lbs 8ozs to Mr Ivor Jones of Perton, near Wolverhampton with a rainbow of  8lbs 4ozs, 26lbs 8ozs to Mr Colin McLachlan and 24lbs 14ozs to Mr Julian Davies of Gilders Tackle, Northampton.

Mr Paul Frith tried to return a brown of 10lbs 00ozs, but couldn't revive it and in the end he had to dispatch it.

Cardiff FFC caught plenty on their annual visit with the biggest fish a 13lbs 00ozs rainbow to Mr Chris Trace of Pontlotyn on a Black and Olive Buzzer. Fellow Club member Mr Brian Tantum took an 11lbs 4ozs rainbow from near the Inlet.
Fish being taken in all areas. Buzzer, Diawl Bach, Hares Ear, Cats Whisker, Viva, Orange Blob, Gold Sparkler, Muddler Minnow and Damsel all popular patterns.
Enquiries to : Fishing Lodge, Draycote Water, Kites Hardwick, Rugby. CV23 8AB
Telephone : 01788 - 812018        Fax : 01788 - 815711

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