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Sea Watch

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The Soudan Bank

More action from Col Prince's trip to this famous mark off Mauritius, which produces a prolific return of tuna, sailfish and wahoo

Cod Avalanche

Stunning scenery and great cod fishing in this clip from Dean Macey's Norwegian sea angling adventure.

Boat Review

At the London Boat Show, Dave Barham takes a look at the Pilothouse 7 sportfishing boat, an excellent new addition from Finmaster

Get Comfortable

A quick tip on how to set up your tripod for a comfortable day's shorefishing.

Tackle Review

Spoilt for choice when it comes to beachcasters? Jansen Teakle is impressed with the Blackrock Competition Surf 13' rod.

Sea Watch DVD Offer

Special offer on the double DVD of the Boat Fishing With Barham TV series.

The Coalfish

Jim Whippy talks about the Coalfish, a super fast, super strong fish that's common off the Norway coast.

Rig Clinic

Nick Panther shows how to tie up one of his favourite beach fishing presentations.

Hooked Up

Dave Barham talks about why he's a convert to circle hooks for tope fishing.

Bait Essentials

Julian Shambrook tells you all you need to know about getting the best from sandeel baits.

Knot Sense

Barney Wright runs through his preferred method of joining two running lines.

Sidewinders for Bass

Boat angler Jim Whippy shows how to tie up one of his favourite set-ups for spinning for bass.

Featured Video

Finmaster Pilothouse 7

At the London Boat Show, Dave Barham takes a look…

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This month's top tip

Recce Your Marks!

Sam Harris with some advice about finding where to fish from the shore.

This months issue
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Essential Baits

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