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Bristol Channel Charter

Jansen Teakle joins Mike Webber, at 17 the youngest skipper in the UK, for a day out on the Bristol Channel targeting smooth-hounds.

Bait Essentials

Julian Shambrook on how best to use lugworms the most popular of all sea fishing worm baits.

Cabo San Lucas

Sportfishing junkie Col Prince heads to Mexico in search of rooster fish, yellowfin tuna, sailfish and anything else that comes along.

Tope Rig

Dave Barham shows us his ‘go to’ rig for tope fishing, incorporating a long trace, 200lb mono and most importantly, a strong circle hook.

Beach Fishing

Julian Shambrook and Jansen Teakle show how to target the many species that you can catch from a steep shelving shingle beach.

Sea Watch DVD Offer

Special offer on the double DVD of the Boat Fishing With Barham TV series.

Reel Maintenance

Tony Gittins from the Rocket Reel Company runs through how to correctly clean, lubricate and assemble the handle side of the reel.

Panther's Diary

Nick Panther discusses September, one of his favourite months for bass when there's a real chance of a big fish.

Welsh Smoothies

Dave Barham continues his trip from Holyhead with double figure smooth-hounds on his mind.

Bait Tips

Ed Schliffke shows how best to prepare and hook peeler crab, one of the most effective summer baits.

Greys Wallet & Rigs Offer

When you join Fishing TV premium from only 3.99 a month.

Around the Coast

Top charter skipper Rob Rennie discusses what boat anglers can expect when fishing off Swansea in the summer months.

Rig Tips

Sean McSeveney runs through the benefits of the Albright knot - ideal for attaching a thick, stiff line to a more supple material.


Jim Midgley and Dave Barham explain how they have had recent success using coarse angling swimfeeders for their boat fishing.

Rig Clinic

Lady shore international Rachel Jarman shows how to tie up a three hook flapper rig.

Used & Abused

Angling guide Sean McSeveney explains why he's a big fan of the Japanese made Majorcraft Crostage series of lure fishing rods.

Lures for Norway

Jim Whippy outlines some of the jigs, perks and lures that will bring you success.

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Bristol Channel Charter Trip

Jansen Teakle joins Mike Webber, at 17 the youngest skipper…

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Julian Shambrook on how best to use lugworms, the most popular of all sea fishing worm baits…

This months issue
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