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Sea Watch

The video magazine for shore and boat anglers everywhere.

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Super Rays

The 24-7 club out of Plymouth, Devon head off in search of top class shore sport for rays.

Sport Fishing

Col Prince visits Playa de Coco off the Costa Rican coast where he tackles some spectacular blue marlin.

Using Squid Bait

Jansen Teakle shows the easy method he uses to bait up using frozen squid.

Lures on the Move

Sean McSeveney takes us to some of his favourite marques around Portland Bill as he lure fishes for Bass Pollock and Wrasse.

Reel Maintenance

Tony Gittins with more advice for making your sea fishing multiplier last, in this case the use of lubricating oil.

Sea Watch DVD Offer

Special offer on the double DVD of the Boat Fishing With Barham TV series.

Boat Fishing

Dave Barham joins a big cod competition and heads out to the famous Needles to enjoy some great winter cod sport of his own.

Jansen Teakle

With a quick tip on how to set up your tripod for a comfortable day's shore fishing.

Greys Wallet & Rigs Offer

When you join Fishing TV premium from only 3.99 a month.

Bait Cocktail

Boat angler Jim Midgley's presentation for targeting quality fish when there are whiting about.

The Pulley Dropper

Nick Panther shows how to tie up one of his favourite beach fishing presentations.

Used & Abused

Lady shore international Rachel Jarman on a casting accessory she's never fishing without.

Is it a Bite?

Useful tips on reading bites when fishing from the shore, with Barney Wright and Mike Thrussell.

Panthers Thoughts

Pearls of shore fishing wisdom for the beginning of the year from shore ace Nick Panther.

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Ray Fishing 24-7

The 24-7 club out of Plymouth, Devon head off in…

This months issue

This month's top tip

Using Squid Bait

Jansen Teakle shows the easy method he uses to bait up using frozen squid

This months issue
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