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Sea Watch

The video magazine for shore and boat anglers everywhere.


Online - on mobile - on tablet and now on Samsung and Panasonic Smart TV.


Rae Borras takes up a once-in-a-lifetime offer to explore the game fishing potential of an exclusive island hideaway in The Maldives.

Irish Skate

Spotlight on the Westport Skate Festival one of the friendliest boat fishing events in the calendar.

Marlin Fishing

Col Prince proves that you don't need a big boat or a big budget to target billfish.

Welsh Smoothies

Dave Barham heads to Holyhead with double figure smoothhounds on his mind.

Sea Watch DVD Offer

Special offer on the double DVD of the Boat Fishing With Barham TV series.

Panthers Thoughts

Nick Panther takes you through the shore angler's year with ideas for May and June.

Rig Storage

Shore international Rachel Jarman passes on tips for keeping rigs safe and tangle free.

Around the Coast

Steve Harrison presents a guide to how to fish Carnsew Bay, a noted area among sea anglers in Hayle Harbour area of Cornwall in England.


Boat Fishing Monthly editor Dave Barham explains the rudiments of uptide fishing with grip leads.


Dave Barham shows how he sets up a livebait set-up incorporating a running ledger and a pair of Sakuma Manta Extra hooks.

Rig Tips

Tim Harrison shows how to set up the Carolina spinning set-up for LRF fishing using braid mainline and a fluorocarbon leader.

Bait Tips

Proof that you don't need to spend hours pre-preparing peeler crab before freezing it for future use.

Speed Jigging

Wave Chieftain skipper Nigel Hodge with tricks on successful speed jigging on reefs and wrecks.

Rods & Reels

Cornish sea angling guide Ed Schliffke with advice on the 'hardware' he chooses for different shore angling challenges.

Used & Abused

Find out why so many sea anglers are so sweet on Abu's 6500i TSR beachcasting multiplier.


Barney Wright and Mike Thrussell pass on tips on how to identify a Flounder once you've caught one.

Hints & Tips

Total Sea Fishing's Barney Wright explains how tease flatfish like plaice into taking your bait.

Featured Video

Maldives Hideaway

In this extract from the full programme Rae Borras takes…

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This month's top tip

Freezing Crab

Proof that you don't need to spend hours pre-preparing peeler crab before freezing it for future use.  

This months issue
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