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Commercial Tactics With Steve Ringer

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‘On The Money’ Accurate Casting
Steve discusses rod selection and the importance of fishing the right rod length depending on the distance you wish to achieve. Clipping up so that you can cast tight to features is covered in depth, with tips on making sure you don’t overcast on your first cast, and giving yourself some insurance in case you hook a quality fish, plus making sure you can quickly get back to the same catching spot if you do have to unclip.

PVA Bags Match Style
Steve looks at the use of PVA bags match fishing style, discussing the need for bigger than normal leads and why he prefers a running line rig for this kind of fishing. Steve also reveals an innovative shock absorber system he uses when big carp are about, incorporating pole elastic, and shows why he uses hair rigged corn a lot with sort of fishing. Steve uses very small PVA bags and talks about why, and reveals his perfect PVA mix for commercials, and he shows the best way to attach your PVA bag.

Open End Feeder Fishing
Steve carries five sizes of cage feeder with him and the secret to making the most of this method is knowing when to use which and when to switch. Of course sometimes distance dictates the need for a big feeder – or does it? Steve shows what he does when he needs to cast a tiny feeder a long way…

Pole Floats
Steve covers his five favourite pole floats – the Mick Wilkinson Diamond, Pea and Margin, and the KC Angling Carpa and Belter. Find out why Steve prefers glass stems over carbon, and how to prevent a wire stemmed float from bending. Steve shows how to stop line cutting into your floats under pressure, and why you want a bulky float for shallow fishing, plus what to look for in a margin float and why a thick bristle is important.

Colouring Your Bait
Find out why Steve Ringer is a big fan of colouring and flavouring his baits on commercial fisheries. Steve shows how to use a meat cutter and how to use plastic bags to evenly enhance your baits. Importantly, Steve has strong opinions on what colours to use at different times of the year, and in differing water clarities.

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