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Bug Life

Rae Borras takes a look at the bug life in our rivers, a good indication to the health of the water - and also what fly to use.

Dropper Knot

Want to use more than one fly? Scott Nellins demonstrates how he adds a dropper to his leader.

Casting Tips

Top angler Steve Cullen shows how to avoid tangles and tail spins when casting long tailed lures.

Jungle Fishing

Steve Townson's incredible, action packed fishing adventure into the Amazon Basin, home to over 3,000 species of fish.

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Spinning For Salmon

Rae Borras with advice on what you will need at the business end to get you started in salmon fishing.

Trout Flies

Expert fly tyer Robbie Winram looks at how to tie up the Gold Ribbed Hare's Ear, a pattern that works throughout the season.

Beats of the Dee

Ghillie David Gibbon presents a guide to the picture postcard Middle Blackhall salmon beat of the Aberdeenshire Dee.

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Used & Abused

Fly Fishing expert Steve Cullen explains why he wouldn't be without his Vision Koma reel.

Early Season Flies

Robin Elwes from Farlow's recommends must have fly patterns for the start of the season.


Smooth & Basstard carry us through an ice fishing adventure when only the strong willed can prosper. Tough stuff.

River Ythan

Rae Borras is up against the elements as he samples the fly fishing of the Ythan. Pt 3 of 3.

Salmon Flies

Karl Humphries shows how to tie up the Silver Rat - a North American fly that is particularly effective on low and clear water.

The Stinger

Steve Cullen continues his guide to catching stillwater trout with a great trick on hard fished waters.

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Bug Life

Peter Hayes and John Slader help Rae Borras take a…

This months issue

This month's top tip

Dropper Knot

Want to use more than one fly? Scott Nellins demonstrates how he adds a dropper to his leader, and creates additional functionality with an extra half hitch.

This months issue
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