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River Tay

Rae Borras is invited to indulge himself on two fine beats of the mighty River Tay in Scotland.

Welcome to Africa

Steve Townson travels to the heart of Zambia to fish the beautiful Kafue River.

Queensland Marlin

Col Prince continues his trip out of Cairns Queensland onboard Viking 2 in search of giant Black Marlin.

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Oldest Fishing Book

Rae Borras is given access to the recently discovered writings of a 15th century fisherman monk.

Floating Lines

Angling Direct's Phil Baker reviews three fly lines from across the price range on offer in their stores.

Lures On A Sinking Line

Steve Cullen from Total Fly Fisher with presentation and casting advice for fishing for stillwater and reservoir trout with lure tactics.

The Collie Dog

Guide and expert fly tyer Karl Humphries shows how to tie the Collie Dog a must have pattern if you are fishing for Atlantic Salmon.

Salmon For Starters

Rae Borras continues his attempts to guide rookie Emma Pickering to her first salmon.

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Salmon Fly

Karl Humphries demonstrates how to dress a Sunray Shadow tube fly - a pattern that can be used to great effect early season.

Trout Fly

The Minky fly is a very effective pattern when fry are present, particularly on dams and reservoirs.

Kit Guide

Tim Gaunt Baker shows how he uses his fly fishing vest to make sure everything he needs for a day’s successful sport is to hand.

Fly High

Set to music this beautifully shot video follows a day’s running water fly fishing on the picture postcard Broadlands beat.

Featured Video

River Tay

Rae Borras is invited to indulge himself on two fine…

This months issue

This month's top tip

Lures On A Sinking Line: Tackle

Steve Cullen from Total Fly Fisher with set-up advice for fishing for stillwater and reservoir trout with lure tactics.  

This months issue
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