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In this issue

The River Deveron

Rae Borras is given the opportunity to fish the beautiful River Deveron in north east Scotland for the very first time

The Hardy Museum

Ian Gordon guides us through the collection of antique fly fishing equipment on view in the Hardy Museum at their factory in Alnwick

Chris Sandford's Stuff

Chris Sandford continues his unique fly fishing video magazine with a variety of tips and reviews

Vision Koma Reel

Fly Fishing expert Steve Cullen explains why he wouldn't be without his Vision Koma reel

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Lost World Of Hardy

Clip from the evocative film about people who dedicate their lives to the pursuit of perfect fly fishing tackle.

Follow The Fly

A journey through the eyes of two avid fly anglers as they follow the Mayfly hatch.

Speycasting Masterclass

Professional instructor Eion Fairgrieve on how to master The Snake Roll cast.

Trout from Small Rivers

Nick shows how to get the best from fly fishing small streams...

Home for Salmon

The continuing story of the Atlantic Salmon Reserve on the Kola Peninsula and how those involved work with nature to create something unique.

Tarpon Costa Rica

More great action from Col Prince’s tarpon fishing adventure at the Silver King Lodge, Costa Rica

Silver Stoat Variant

Karl Humphries shows how to tie the Silver Stoat Variant – a noted evening fly that fishes well through summer and autumn.

Featured Video

The River Deveron

Rae Borras is given the opportunity to fish the beautiful…

This months issue

This month's top tip

Handy Landing Net

Steve Cullen shares a useful tip for keeping your landing net handy when wading away from the bank

This months issue
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Soulfish 6: Utah

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Mayo Magic

Mayo Magic

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Episode(4): Paul starts on Ireland's world famous Moy river where salmon are leaping all around…

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The Dead Roll Cast

The Dead Roll Cast

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The Double Spey

The Double Spey

Series: Eoin Fairgrieve's Speycasting Masterclass

Episode(2): The master caster Eoin Fairgrieve progresses to the double spey cast...

Uploaded: 15th September 2011

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