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The River Tyne

Rae Borras spends a few days fishing with some of the characters who have helped re-establish the Tyne as a top salmon river.

Buzzers on Big Waters

Steve Cullen spends an exciting session on Draycote Water buzzer fishing from the shore and boat for large Rainbows.

Mayan Grand Slam

A rarified saltwater fishing adventure to Ascension Bay, Mexico.

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Salmon For Starters

Rae Borras tries to help ladies world match fishing champion Emma Pickering catch her first salmon on the Annan in Scotland.

Venue Guide

A look at the mysterious upland beauty of Wessex Water Services' Clatworthy reservoir set in the steeply sloping Brendon Hills.


With loads of pockets and pouches the waterproof Boatman bag from Wychwood is perfect for a day's boatfishing.

Salmon Flies

The Orange Shrimp is one of the most popular salmon flies to come out of Ireland and one which works well in peat stained water.

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Fantastic price on a Hardy Marksman fly line when you join Fishing TV Premium.

Russian Salmon

The story of the salmon at the Kola Peninsula of Russia moves to the incredible Ryanda River.

GFD Profile

Rae Borras talks to River Tweed ghillie Andy Murray; a man who has spent his life in fly fishing and has many a tale to tell.

Top Tips

Tim Gaunt-Baker shows how to get the most out of your casting and cover as much water as possible whilst on the move.

Trout Flies

Robbie Winram shows how to tie the Golf Ball Buzzer, a great pattern to use as a suspender when fishing the washing line technique.

Fishing Mauritius

Join Col Prince as he travels to Mauritius - a beautiful Island in the Indian Ocean off the East Coast of Africa.

Buzzers Facts

A few things that perhaps you didn't know about our most common midge.

Featured Video

The River Tyne

Rae Borras spends a few days fishing with some of…

This months issue

This month's top tip

The Orange Shrimp: Pt 1

Karl Humphries presents a guide on how to dress an Orange Shrimp CDC salmon fly onto a Partridge CS12 treble.

This months issue
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