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Welcome to Africa

Steve Towson concludes his amazing trip to Africa's Zambesi River by targeting the huge Vundu catfish.

Winter Grayling

Des Taylor shows us how to target specimen grayling using float and maggot tactics.

Prawn Broker

Duncan Charman claims that the humble prawn is much under used and can be a successful with a variety of species.

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All or Nothing

Will Raison shows how he's been approaching commercial fisheries during the long cold snap.

Tackle Tips

Specialist Duncan Charman shows how he sets up for big stillwater eels using his variation on the low resistance John Sidley Eel Rig.

Pellet Power

Andy May runs us through how to prepare and pump your pellets correctly for fishing on commercials.

Bait Science

Roy Marlow and Gordon Parker on the importance of remembering to match your hook size to your bait selection.

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Specimen Crucians

Duncan Charman visits his favourite venue for crucian carp. Pt 1 of 3.

Folding Cushion Seat

Des Taylor always takes this lightweight easy to carry solution to a hard ground on all of his fishing sessions.

Snake Lake Tips

Top matchman Andy May shows how to improve your pellet fishing on snake lakes.

Drop Shotting Lures

Des Taylor shows us a few of the vast collection of small rubber lures he has been using when drop shooting for perch.

Charman's Thoughts

Duncan talks about his favourite time of the year when the big fish are starting to feed in earnest.

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Winter Grayling

Des Taylor shows us how to target specimen grayling using…

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This month's top tip

Pellet Fishing On Snake Lakes: Part One

Former Matchman of the Year Andy May shows how to improve your pellet fishing on snake lakes. Part One of two.

This months issue
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