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In this issue

Andy Geldart

Fish O Mania 2014 winner Andy Geldart shares some of his match winning tips

Dinsmore Mini Tripods

Des Taylor recommends the Dinsmores Synd Carp Tripods particularly good when fishing from marinas or canal paths.

Snake Lakes

Will Raison demonstrates a variety of tactics for snake lakes whilst successfully catching a bagful of carp and barbel on Orchard's Match Lake.

Float Sense

Mick Wilkinson talks about The Pea his tangle proof pole float for fishing shallow

Estate Lake Tench

An excerpt from Fishing with Des Taylor as he visits a scenic estate lake and targets large tench.

Special Offer for Premium Members

Special offer price on the Daiwa Pellet Waggler kit for members joining our Premium channel at gold or silver level

Essential Baits

Marc Pollard reveals his groundbait mix for skimmer fishing on commercials.

Jointed Roach Lures

Jan Porter shows off some of the fantastic range of lures available from the Rapala catalogue.

Quest for Arapaima

Dean Macey finishes his epic trip to Gillhams Fishery Resort in Thailand by targeting a monster Arapaima

Swim Feeder Tip

Des Taylor has a great tip on how to improve your swim feeder bait

Float Leger Rig

Top pike angler Mark Barrett shows how he sets up the float leger rig he uses for 90% of his for predator fishing

Zandavan Indicators

Big fish specialist Duncan Charman gives the thumbs up to the super low resistance Zanda Van Rollover Indicators.

Daiwa InterElastic Pulling Kits

Will Raison spotlights the clever Daiwa Interelastic system with reinforced walls and twin holes.

Short Session Carping

How to make the most of your carp fishing when time is short.

Winter Chub

John Bailey tackles the chub on his beloved River Wensum with bread and maggots.

Depth Finding For Tench

Bob James shows how he goes about selecting a swim to target specimen stillwater tench using a marker rod.

Old Bury Hill Zander

Duncan Charman shows how to fish probably the best day ticket zander water in England.

Pike Bait

Predator ace Mark Barrett passes on some vital bait enhancing tips that can make the difference between a pike or zander taking your bait or turning away at the last second.

Featured Video

Estate Lake Tench

An excerpt from Fishing with Des Taylor as he visits…

This months issue

This month's top tip

Andy Geldart: Part One

Fish O Mania 2014 winner Andy Geldart shares some of his match winning tips 

This months issue
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