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Golden Orfe

Duncan Charman shares his tactics as he targets the Golden Orfe at Newdigate Farms Fishery.

Stealth Tactics

After a busy summer wary fish get wise to the pellet waggler so Will Raison suggests adopting a softly-softly approach.

Monument Carp

Des Taylor gets a sneak preview of RH Fisheries' new lake Monument 2, and the chance to catch some pristine carp.

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Fishing the Waggler

The first in an exclusive series of five programmes where Dave Smith explains some of the key coarse fishing techniques.

Tench in the Margins

Kev Green shows how to catch on the pole with chopped worm tactics at a stunning day ticket water that is only stocked with tench.

Match Tips

Experienced matchman Stu Bryant visits Partridge Lakes to show how he approaches a session on a canal style commercial venue.

Silvers On Commercials

Top matchman Mark Pollard reveals tricks for targeting quality silver fish on commercials.

Special Offer for Premium Members

Special offer price on the Daiwa Pellet Waggler kit for members joining our Premium channel at gold or silver level.

Jeremy Wade

The star of the cult series River Monsters has travelled the world in search of fishing monsters and myths.

Lures For Big Chub

Dean Brook catches loads of big chub on lures and here he runs through some of his favourite patterns and makes.

Korum Quick Change Beads

Duncan Charman has landed barbel to 16lb whilst using this small but handy piece of kit.

Used & Abused

Des Taylor finally confesses to his wife where her favourite kitchen spoon went all those years ago.

Versatile Margins Rig

An in-line lead forms the basis of this simple rig that Duncan Charman uses to target the margins.

Scotthorne: Pellet Fishing

Five times world champion Alan Scotthorne reveals what he’s learned about fishing with pellets at commercial fisheries.

Champion Match Tips

More tips for mastering commercial fisheries from the 2011 Kamasan Matchman of the Year.

Steve Neville Stainless

Duncan Charman is a huge fan of the stainless bank range from Steve Neville.

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Stealth Tactics: Part 1

After a busy summer wary fish get wise to the…

This months issue

This month's top tip

Versatile Margins Rig

An in-line lead forms the basis of this simple rig that Duncan Charman uses to target the margins.

This months issue
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