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In this issue

Fishing with Des Taylor

In a new series on Fishing TV, Des Taylor shows that he's keeping up with all the trendy techniques by drop shotting for perch in his local marina

Match Anglers Diary

Nick Speed demonstrates a number of bait options and presentation tips to maximise your chances when using the method feeder

Preston Pulla Bush

The Pulla Bush from Preston Innovations is a simple yet clever way of improving the performance of your poles

Used & Abused

Des Taylor has got a very large lure box

Special Offer for Premium Members

Special offer price on the Daiwa Pellet Waggler kit for members joining our Premium channel at gold or silver level

Irish Angling

Fishing fanatic and Irish angling guide Ian Kitson shows how to make the most of fishing in the Emerald Isle.

Navarra Wild River Carp

Dean Macey visits Northern Spain taking in the Pamplona Bull Run and some wild river fishing for carp and barbel

Fish Care

Duncan Charman explains why the Gardner Weigh Sling is a permanent feature of his kit

New Gear

Jan Porter takes us through the new Forcemaster Rod range from Shimano

Rig Tip

Des Taylor has got a nifty way of making sure that his luncheon meat bait stays on his rig

Gravel Pit Tench

Bob Roberts enjoys a day on a gravel pit targeting tench using red maggots in a bolt rig feeder

PVA Clever

Top specimen angler Duncan Charman shares a clever tip on how to make sure the contents of your PVA bag are delivered to the right place

Will Raison Match Fishing

In this month's episode top matchman Will Raison is at Sumners Pond alternating between positively and negatively fed lines, as he successfully bags a tidy weight of silverfish

Featured Video

Drop Shotting for Perch

Des Taylor shows that he's keeping up with all the…

This months issue

This month's top tip

Fishing for Bream

When it comes to fishmeal, bream just can't help themselves, and Kev Green and Richard Lee prove the point, by helping themselves to some beauties. IYCF

This months issue
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