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Scaling Down

As the weather turns colder Will Raison explains how lighter tactics might tempt fish that have been gorging themselves all summer.

The Elusive Tigerfish

Steve Townson starts an epic African Adventure braving hippos and crocs on the mighty Zambezi River as he targets Tigerfish.

Fenland Pike

In this clip from the full programme, two top predator guides force Mark Barrett to 'go blind' to cash in on some superb Fenland pike sport.

Andy Geldart

Fish O Mania 2014 winner Andy Geldart shares some more of his match winning tips.

Great Days

Master all-round angler Des Taylor describes some of the highlights from his book Great Days Extra that has just been released in paperback.

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Special offer price on the Daiwa Pellet Waggler kit for members joining our Premium channel at gold or silver level

Freelining for Chub & Barbel

In this clip from the full programme, Kev Green teams up with Bob Roberts to enjoy some fantastic running water action.

Bait Tip

Des Taylor shows how to increase your feed rate by using paste to match your boilies.

Float Sense

Mick Wilkinson explains how to get the best from his Slim Power float pattern.

Setting Indicators

Predator ace Mark Barrett demonstrates how to set up your front bite alarms and drop-back indicators when fishing for pike.

Used & Abused

Fish O Mania winner Andy Geldart explains why the Garbolino Netsy is one of his tried and trusted pieces of kit.

Barbel On Big Rivers

Big fish ace Steve Collett walks the banks of his beloved River Severn and discusses where he would expect to find barbel holding up.

Specimen Tips

Top big fish angler Duncan Charman passes on advice about how to target quality perch from stillwaters.

Pike Tackle

Mark Barrett discusses the gear you will need to make the most of your pike sessions.

Featured Video

Scaling Down for Carp: 1

As the weather turns colder Will Raison explains how lighter…

This months issue

This month's top tip

Andy Geldart: Part Two

Fish O Mania 2014 winner Andy Geldart shares some more of his match winning tips.

This months issue
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