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Carp Channel on Smart TV

Free to download under the Fishing TV app on Samsung and Panasonic.

Voice Above The Reeds

Frank Pizon's stunningly shot and thoughtful film recounts his campaign at a secluded French lake where he caught his first carp.

Canaries Carping

Dean Macey samples the sun, culture and amazing carp fishing of the Spanish Canary Islands.

If In Doubt, Recast

Adam Penning has a tip to maximise your chances when things seem a bit slow.

Rig Board

Ian McMillan shows us his solid bag set up, great for weedy conditions and with a clever lead drop off system.

Sensalite Premium Offer

Great offer on three new Taska Sensalite hangers when you join Carp Channel Premium.

Chris Yates

Chris recants the spooky story of the brown teapot, first told in his iconic book "Casting At The Sun".

Intelligent Baiting

Mark Pitchers talks about how he adapts his free baiting and hook bait strategies to the venue he is targeting.

Kevin Nash

In a rare interview, Kevin Nash opens up, as he talks about his carp fishing career.

Bigger Carp

Ali Hamidi concludes his series on how to catch bigger carp by going stalking in amongst the overhanging branches and brambles.

Top Tip

Chris Lowe talks us through his solid PVA bag mix with a few additions that you can find on the supermarket shelf.

Used & Abused

As the weather warms up it's important to keep your bait cool. Cash Farnan recommends two bits of kit that can help.


Adam Penning wants a rig that doesn't tangle, has super sharp hooks and blends in with the bottom. His Multi Rig fits the bill.

Chilly's Monthly Thoughts

A few ideas from the master as spring turns to summer and the fish move into the upper layers and into the margins.

Lifting The Lid

Mark Bryant and Richard Farnan look to discover what really happens sub-surface on gravel pits.

Zig Rigging

Tom Maker discusses zig rig tactics including spodding with slop to get the fish moving through the surface layers.

Featured Video

Voice Above The Reeds: Pt 1

Frank Pizon’s stunningly shot and thoughtful reflective on his fishing…

This months issue

This month's top tip

Adam Penning's Multi Rig

Adam Penning wants a rig that doesn't tangle, has super sharp hooks and blends in with the bottom. His Multi Rig fits the bill.

This months issue
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