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Carp Channel on Smart TV

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Make Your Own Glug

Joe Turnball demonstrates how to make a glug, here using liquid food and oil to create a slow release cloud through the water column.

Gravel Pits

Cash Farnan with his approach to putting together and using a spod mix on a session at Hardwick Lakes.

Casting Tips

Ian McMillan with some tips on how to improve your casting technique for better accuracy and consistency.

Sensalite Premium Offer

Great offer on three new Taska Sensalite hangers when you join Carp Channel Premium.

The Rig That Nailed Spike

Ian Chillcott shows us the rig he used to catch "Spike" from Linear Fisheries' Manor Farm Lake.

From the Bivvy

Ian Russell talks to Ronnie Buss about the early days of making his own carp tackle.

Hook Sharpener

Cash Farnan on a tackle item he never goes fishing without.

Day Ticket Tactics

Mark Pitchers runs through the five items of terminal tackle that have become essential to his day ticket carping.

Bait Talk

Ian Russell and Gary 'Milky' Lowe discuss when they would choose to use a single hook bait approach - and other hook bait strategies.

Boilies in Winter

Ian 'Chilly' Chillcott discusses his views on the 'ultimate winter bait' – the boilie.

Creamy Spod Mix

By adding a traditional Christmas tipple to your spod mix you can transform your catches on those tougher days.

Bait Tips

Ian Chillcott with some essential tips on making your bait last and re-invigorating it.

Corn Stops And Highlights

Ian Russell takes the opportunity to flag up two of the latest Avid products.

Monthly Thoughts

Ian Chillcott with his thoughts on January and February, his LEAST favourite time of the year.

Used & Abused

Ian Russell gives the thumbs up to a feeding catty that's stood the test of time.

Featured Video

Make Your Own Glug

Joe Turnbull demonstrates how to make a glug, here using…

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