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Carp Channel on Smart TV

Free to download under the Fishing TV app on Samsung and Panasonic.

River Carping

On the first day of the season, Ian Chillcott makes his way to a glorious stretch of river in search of wild carp.

Tasty Stickmix

In the first of a new series Joe Turnbull shows how easy it is to make your own baits, starting with a versatile stick mix.

Jag Compact Pod Kit

Adam Penning loves this easy to carry, quick to set up, kit from Jag.

Monument 2

Des Taylor gets a sneak preview of RH Fisheries' new lake Monument 2, and with it the chance to catch some pristine carp.

Sensalite Premium Offer

Great offer on three new Taska Sensalite hangers when you join Carp Channel Premium.

Hook Patterns

Ian McMillan with advice on what style of hook will best suit your rig and the water conditions.

Gardner Wrappers

If you want to be able to cast accurately every time then you need these wrapping sticks from Gardner.

Looking For Carp

Ian Chillcott with advice on how to go about finding the fish when it’s not really happening.

Urban Banx

Join Alan Blair as he makes his way to Rochford Reservoir to do 24 hours on a tough local park lake.

Tackle Essentials

Mark Pitchers continues his series on day ticket carping by running through the gear he uses on stocked venues.

Used & Abused

When you're on your own but have to get a picture the Gardner Camera Angle is a saviour.

From The Bivvy

Ian Russell talks to carp fishing legend Ron Buss about the highs and lows of his time on the bank.

Rig Tips

Cash Farnan shows how to tie up his favourite solid PVA bag rig.

Gravel Pits

Mark Bryant and Richard Farnan look to discover what really happens sub-surface on gravel pits.

Chris Yates

Chris concludes his chat with Ian Chillcott with stories of Matt Le Tissier, Harry Redknapp and rocket science.

Anti Tangle D Rig

Dave Springall shows how to make this simple, but very effective anti tangle rig.

Featured Video

River Carping

On the first day of the season, Ian Chillcott makes…

This months issue

This month's top tip

Hook Patterns

Ian McMillan with advice on what style of hook will best suit your rig and the water conditions.

This months issue
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