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Canal Desires

Chilly opts for a challenging two days on the Basingstoke Canal, a teenage stomping ground, stalking its wild carp.

Winter Watercraft

Ian McMillan runs through his approach to a session in the colder winter months.

Bait Kitchen

Joe Turnball demonstrates how you can make your own baits, here with his version of a critically balanced hookbait.

Tackle for Big Waters

Dave Springall runs through the kit and terminal tackle he uses when fishing for big fish on exposed large waters.

Sensalite Premium Offer

Great offer on three new Taska Sensalite hangers when you join Carp Channel Premium.

Navarra Wild River Carping

Dean Macey visits Northern Spain taking in the Pamplona Bull Run and some wild river fishing for carp and barbel.

From The Bivvy

Ian Russell talks to Ronnie Buss about the early days when he had to make his own bite alarms, landing nets and other tackle.

A Winter's Tale

Chilly finds a little gem of a water in Somerset and shows how effective maggots can be for big carp in the colder months.

Bankside Comfort

Angling consultant Dave Springall explains why he wouldn't be without his top three Trakker products for an overnight on the bank.

What's In The Box?

Ronnie Buss opens his tackle box and reveals the items of tackle he would never go fishing without.

Hot Winter Baits

Two carp baits that are selling like hot cakes this winter.

The Perfect PVA Rig

Mark Pitchers makes the most of day ticket carp waters by showing how he ties up what he calls 'the perfect PVA rig'.

Winter Fluoros

Ian Russell and Ron Buss chew the fat over the use of fluoro baits in the colder months.

Finding Fish In Winter

We join Korda's Elliott Gray to find out his thought process for locating carp on those winter sessions.

Hook Baits

Rich Wilby talks about what hook baits he prefers in colder weather.

Re-Hydrated Baits

Rich Wilby's clever corn and hemp soup for re-hydrating winter baits to get the flavour leakage process underway.

Winter Tips

Gary Lowe's five essential tips to keep you catching carp in winter.

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Canal Desires

Rather than sit by a well stocked lake, Chilly opts…

This months issue

This month's top tip

Winter Watercraft

Ian McMillan runs through his approach to a session in the colder winter months.

This months issue
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