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In this issue

Dean Macey at Gillhams

Dean continues the story of his recent trip to Thailand, this time targeting a range of weird and wonderful species on the smaller lake.

Carp Classic 2013

Ross Honey continues the story of what turned into an historic 2013 World Carp Classic fished on Lake Bolsena in Italy.

Size Isn't Everything

Ian Chillcott realises that size isn't everything as he catches some of the most beautiful, lean, torpedo shaped carp he has ever seen.

Carp Channel On Smart TV

Free to download under the Fishing TV app on Samsung and Panasonic.

Chod Rig

Dave Springall outlines all the fine details that go into making his version of the Chod Rig so effective.

To the Core

The Taska team are at Thorpe Lea showing how their range of lead core leaders and chod rigs can be used to catch a bundle of carp.

Joe Turnabull Rig

Joe demonstrates how to make one of his favourite rigs, the Flexi Hinge Rig

Corn Stops & Highlights

Ian Russell spotlights some hi-viz plastic corn boilie stops and some super buoyant foam pop-ups that take on loads of flavour

What's in the Box

Ronnie Buss and the items of tackle he would never go fishing without.

Top Tip

Carp legend Derek Ritchie talks about how he uses all his senses to read a carp water before deciding how to tackle it.

Cash Farnan

The Carp Channel crew get under the skin of Trakker's Rich Farnan.

Chris Yates

Chris continues his recollections of his early sessions on Redmire Pool in the company of Ian Chillcott

Summer Bait Tips

Top angling journalist and coach Joe Turnbull gives some handy advice on what baits to use during the warmer summer months.

Ian Russell's Spod Mix

Ian runs through the particle spod mix he uses to attract as many fish as possible to his swim.

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The Weird & The Wonderful: Pt 1

Dean Macey continues the story of his recent trip to…

This months issue

This month's top tip

Summer Bait Tips

Top angling journalist and coach Joe Turnbull gives some handy advice on what baits to use during the warmer summer months.

This months issue
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