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In this issue

Navarra Wild River Carping

Dean Macey heads for the breathtaking scenery of Northern Spain for 3 days of wild river fishing

Win a Smart Blu-Ray Player

A chance to ask Ian Chilly Chillcott the question you've always wanted to ask and win a Blu-Ray player too, more in the news

Chris Yates World

Chris continues talking with Chilly about his progress into specimen carp fishing

PVA Stick Mix

Dave Springall gives us the details of his mix and how to get the most out of it


More Catfish exploits as Mark Barrett and Ian Chillcott visit the Ebro in Spain

Return to Leney

Jerry Hammond finishes his Compulsive Angler story by returning to the Leney Lake

WSB Deluxe 2 Man Bivvy

Review of WSB's sturdy and spacious 2 man bivvy

Cold Weather Carp Baits

Gary Bayes explains what best to use in wintry conditions

Featured Video

Navarra Wild River Carping

Dean Macey visits Northern Spain taking in the Pamplona Bull…

This months issue

This month's top tip

PVA Stick Mix

Dave Springall takes us though all the stages of preparing his very own version of a PVA stick mix

This months issue
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2008 Semi Final Two

2008 Semi Final Two

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What's In The Box: Ian Russell

What's In The Box: Ian Russell

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Episode(1): Top carper Ian Russell reveals the carp fishing knick-knacks he would never go fishing…

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Running Mono Rig

Running Mono Rig

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Mequinenza Mayhem!

Mequinenza Mayhem!

Series: Ebro Maniacs

Episode(4): ‘Chilly’ and Mark Barrett head towards the most famous catfish centre of them…

Uploaded: 27th January 2010

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