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Happy Holidays

Chilly is on his hols in sunny Devon, the carp are on the surface enjoying the sunshine, but are proving a little elusive.

Bait Kitchen

Joe Turnbull shows how to use mesh to slow the breakdown of paste once it's in the water.

Great Rig Tip

Ian McMillan goes back to basics with a simple but very effective long bottom bait rig.

No-Nut Spod Mix

Dave Springall prepares a tasty spod mix for venues with bait restrictions.

Sensalite Premium Offer

Great offer on three new Taska Sensalite hangers when you join Carp Channel Premium.

Spring Spawning

It's early spring at Carthagena Lakes and Jerry has a bonanza session before the carp start their annual spawning ritual.

What's In The Box

Richard 'Cash' Farnan rummages through his ruckbag and shows us the widgets he'd never go fishing without.

Floater Fishing

Mark Pitchers visits Carp Vale Fishery to enjoy some great off the top fishing for carp.

Link Lock Swivels

A handy piece of kit from Gardner that Dave Springall always uses to attach his rigs to his mainline.

Used & Abused

Ian 'Chilly' Chillcott demonstrates the quality features of the Fox Deluxe Carpmaster Unhooking Mat and talks about fish safety.

Rig Board

Derek Ritchie reveals a maggot rig that's caught him thousands of carp.

Gravel Pits

Mark Bryant and Richard Farnan look to discover what really happens sub-surface on gravel pits.

From The Bivvy

Ian Russell continues his chat with carp fishing legend Ron Buss about the highs and lows of his time on the bank.

Hinged Pop-Up Rig

Korda’s Elliot Gray on how he ties up a hinged pop-up boilie set-up, and when he would use it.

Day Ticket Tips

Mark Pitchers lands a lovely 20lb plus day ticket carp on a zig rig and shows how to handle, weigh and safely return a big fish.

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Spring Spawning

It's early spring at Carthagena Lakes and Jerry has a…

This months issue

This month's top tip

Meshed Paste

Joe Turnbull shows how to use mesh to slow the breakdown of paste once it's in the water.

This months issue
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