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Carp Channel on Smart TV

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New Series

It's summer and Jerry Hammond the Compulsive Angler is after carp at Carthagena Fisheries in the Lea Valley.

Hot in the Shops

Angling Direct's Len Goulding gives us the lowdown on the key features of new catapults from Korda, ESP and Gardners.

Top Tip

Adam Penning explains why watercraft is key and having a good set of polaroids and a cap is paramount for spotting fish.

Rig Board

Ian McMillan shows us his favourite naked, no lead core chod presentation, that allows the bait to sit above the weed and silt.

Bigger Carp

Ali Hamidi with advice with what to do when things go quiet, including some clever hook bait tricks.

Sensalite Premium Offer

Great offer on three new Taska Sensalite hangers when you join Carp Channel Premium.

Canaries Carping

Dean Macey samples the sun, culture and amazing carp fishing of the Spanish Canary Islands.

Chris Yates

Chris talks about the post Redmire years, in which he wrote 'Casting At The Sun' and how it led to 'A Passion For Angling'.

Bait Sense

Do bright baits scare fish? Adam Penning gives you the heads up on Sticky Baits White Ones and Krill pop up boilies.

Rig Tip

Rich Wilby shows how to tie up a running mono set-up and discusses when he'd choose this set-up over fixed rigs.

Ebro Maniacs

Manic action with carp and catfish from Spain's mighty River Ebro, in company with Ian Chillcott.

Hot Topic

Ian Russell and Gary 'Milky' Lowe run through some of their preferred hook link selections for different carp fishing scenarios.

Marker Float Work

Mark Pitchers demonstrates how to build up a picture of the lake bed using a marker float set up.

Chilly's Monthly Thoughts

More pearls of carp fishing wisdom for March and April from that man Ian 'Chilly' Chillcott.

Bulk Baiting With Corn

An inexpensive baiting technique that very few anglers are using, but one that can see anglers take carp waters apart.

Featured Video

Jerry Hammond - Summer

It's summer and Jerry Hammond is after carp at Carthagena…

This months issue

This month's top tip

Marker Float Work

Mark Pitchers demonstrates how to build up a picture of the lake bed using a marker float set up, with braid mainline the key component.   

This months issue
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