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Alan Scotthorne's Match Fishing Masterclass
Fishing with Bloodworm and Joker

Fishing with Bloodworm and Joker

Duration: 35 minutes
Series: Alan Scotthorne's Match Fishing Masterclass

The Shimano backed ace covers all the bases when it comes to learning how to fish with bloodworm and joker in this highly-informative 35-minute show from

Find out about the use of groundbait and learn about various leams. Alan shows how to mix up a ‘double leam’ mix for topping up the swim, as he discusses when to use the two main types of joker and how to feed them.

Alan is catching fish from the off, running through what depth of water to look for, how to hook bloodworm properly and how to present the bait to the fish, depending what species you’re targeting.

Find out what elastics, floats, hooks, line and accessories Alan chooses for his bloodworm and joker fishing as he passes on a bundle of great tips to help you catch more fish, including some you won’t have seen before.

On a tough winter’s day Alan shows just how deadly a method bloodworm and joker fishing is, putting together a fantastic bag of silver fish for the cameras.

  • Hayfield Lakes Fisheries
  • Trailer: Fishing with Bloodworm and Joker

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