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Best Of Carp TV
John McAllister: Carp Machine

John McAllister: Carp Machine

Duration: 35 minutes
Series: Best Of Carp TV

John McAllister is a carp fishing machine. A man who has set his target on catching some of the country’s biggest carp, from some of its most challenging waters, and who has made it happen.

Here’s an angler who is prepared to put the time in to get to know a water and its fish before concocting a plan of how to fool them, and some of his favoured tactics will certainly surprise many carp anglers.

John has taken on and conquered legendary waters like Wraysbury, Yateley Car Park Lake, The Mere, Conninbrooke, Manor Farm and Elstow and this is a rare chance to learn how to approach tough waters like this.

We join him at Richmond Park, where he’s after another famous ‘forty’, to find out the stories behind his captures of fish like The Black Mirror, Northern Linear, Heather The Leather and of course Two Tone, the country’s biggest carp, at a massive 64lb 5oz. Wow!

The show also spotlights Jerry Hammond’s Brooke Lake at Carthagena Fishery, a water that’s been around since the 1970s that’s noted for excellent surface sport, and holds lots of 20s and 30s.

There’s an interview with Carp Talk’s Chris Ball, with Ian Bartropp showing how to tie a reliable leader knot and carping thoughts from Ash Bradbury too in a not-to-be-missed episode of Carp TV.

Trailer: John McAllister: Carp Machine

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